Sleek Men Wallet in Crocodile Leather - King 8

Sleek Men Wallet in Crocodile Leather - King 8

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Made in:Cuong Lost Crocodile Leather
Guarantee:12 months
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- Size: Length 12,5cm x Width 9,5cm


- Color: Black

- Material: Crocodile Leather

Coming to Cuong lost crocodile leather, you will understand how the best product quality is. Vietnam Cuong Lost crocodile leather’s target is that meeting quality standard and customer satisfaction is our biggest success. We are honored to be elected Vietnam Top Product by Time Malaysia Newspaper


And we are also unique crocodile brand in Vietnam supported by State Enterprise Development. Head office  of Cuong Lost Crocodile leather is located inside main gate of Vietnam Red Cross Society. In order to know more details, please contact 0975.960.106


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