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Common regulation and policy

I. Payment Policy

- Payment: Customer makes a payment when buying at shop or after receive product from delivery staff

Time and payment value are agreed by both parties and implement on signed agreement.

- Agreement Value make a payment by cash or transfer money to company’s account. If have change of payment account, company will inform customer by official text.


Contact information:

Cuong Lost Co.,Ltd

Address: No 201, Nguyen Minh Khai Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone No.: 0993 123 456

Email: [email protected]


II. Transportation and delivery policy

casaucuonglost.com is applying modes of delivery as the following: đang áp dụng các hình thức giao nhận sau đây:


1. Delivering at head office

- Customer directly purchases at head office of casaucuonglost.com

- Customer carefully check product, compare product to bill, warranty sheet (if have) before signing


2. Home delivery

- Delivery department will contact customers to arrange time & venue to deliver product.

- Customer directly check product carefully when receiving product from delivery man. If have any issues related to style, quality, quantity which is not correct with purchase order or changed seal, you should not receive product and immediately inform casaucuonglost.com to slove. If not have any issues, customer sign on delivery note.

- Customer can make a full payment or partial payment (if deposited) to delivery man with purchased goods value.


3. Delivery service by transfer

-For customer at other province or far away from store, casaucuonglost.com will send product by post

- Customer directly check product carefully when receiving product from delivery man. If have any issues related to style, quality, quantity which is not correct with purchase order or changed seal, you immediately need to make a minutes when receiving product from delivery man and inform casaucuonglost.com to work with  delivery service agent to slove. You are not under responsibility related to changed or lost product  or  not make sure quality and enough quantity during transportation process to your product delivery venue.

- When ordering, Please customer fills necessary information adequately and exactly on requirement to take advantage in providing product and receive payment fastly. Casaucuonglost.com have a permission to check this information and refuse account register which can’t clearly verify identification as well as cancel unclear purchase order. We are not responsible for cases which delivery slowly or lost because of incorrect information by customer.


III. Complaint Resolution Policy

-Receive all complaints from customer related to company’s service

-For all warranty cases, customer can contact us to make a warranty procedure

- Timeline to slove complaint within 03 (three) working days starting from receiving customer’s complaint. Both parties will negotiate together in case of force majeure.


IV. Guarantee and exchange or return policy

During using time, if get any issues or risk by user, customer can directly contact customer service center of casaucuonglost.com or Guarantee center to be assisted.


1.  Guarantee

-    Product warranty is defect repair, technical issue by manaufacturer.


2.  Guarantee regulation

-     Product get free guarantee if it is under guarantee period starting from delivery date

-     Guarantee duration is written on guarantee sheet and based on regulation of each manufacturer for all product’s technical issues.

-     There are guarantee sheet and valid guarantee stamp of manufacturer on product.


3.   Cases are not included in guarantee

-    Product is expired in guarantee sheet or lost guarantee sheet,

-    Warranty Seal stamp get torn, broken or double sticked or amended, erased.

-    Warranty sheet doesn’t have clear Serial and purchase date.

-    Machine number on product is not identified or wrong with machine number written on warranty sheet.

-    Product get damaged trail because of mouse or insects.

-     Usage is not correct with guideline.

-     Disassembling or repairing by invidual or unauthorized technical staff of casaucuonglost.com or manufacturer.


4.   Maitenance

-    Included in: maintaining product on period, charging gas, washing filter, sweeping dust inside, cleaning product, repairing minor defects (excluded in equipment replacement), Maintenance duration depends on negotiation between casaucuonglost.com or manufacturer and customer.

5.   Maintenance and warranty Venue.

-If contract, transfer minutes, warranty sheet is not written negotiation about signed customer address, all products will be warranty at guarantee center of manufacturer. Staff of casaucuonglst.com will guide customer to arrive company or on behalf of customer to bring product to manufacturer’s warranty center in order to guarantee product for customer.


 -    Warranty is not included in transportation and delivery cost.


6.   Contact, inquiry, complaint about warranty issue

Cuong Lost Co.,Ltd.

Address: No. 201, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Nguyễn Cư Trinh ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone no.: 0908 888 818

Email: [email protected]


V. Information security policy

1. Purpose and information collecting scope

Casaucuonglost.com doesn’t sell, share or exchange invidual information of customer collected on web for third party.

Invidual information is only used in company internal.

When you contact to register service, casaucuonglost will collect invidual information included in:

Full name




Besides invidual information, there is information about service

Product name


Delivery Time


2. Information using scope

Casaucuonglost.com will use collected invidual information in company internal and use for one or all purposes following:

- Customer Assistance

- Providing information related to service

- Handling purchase order and providing service and information in our web on your requirement.

- We can send product information, new service, and coming event information or recruitment information if customer register to receive notice email.

- Besides, we use your information to support customer account management; confirm and implement finance transactions related to your online payment items;


3. Information retention time

For invidual information, casaucuonglost.com only clear data on customer requirement. Customer send email to  [email protected]


4. Collecting company and invidual information management Address

Contact information

Cuong Lost Co.,Ltd.

Address: No. 201, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District.1, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone No.: 0993 123 456

Email: [email protected]


5. Media and tools to let customer approach and amend invidual information

casaucuonglost.com doesn’t collect customer information by web. It is collected by email which contacts to order product, service  to our mailbox: [email protected] or dial telephone no. 0993 123 456 to order product

You can contact above email address and telephone no. to require casaucuonglost.com to revise your invidual data.


6. Customer invidual information commitment

At casaucuonglost.com, Protecting your invidual information is very important. You are ensured that information you provide us to be confidential. casaucuonglost.com commit that we don’t share, buy or hire out your invidual information with anyone. casaucuonglost.com commit that we only use your information in the cases following:

- Enhance service quality for customer

- Solve all disputes, complaints.

- Require by law institute


casaucuonglost.com know that your interests in invidual information protection is also our responsibility. Thus, if you have any inquiries or suggestions related to our security policy, please contact [email protected]  or dial  telephone no. 0993 123 456

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