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Friday, 12-23-2016 | 9:56AM GMT+7
When economy is developing strongly, the life’s demands is increasing as we have to need cars, motorbikes… But maybe it helps us in life included in branded fashion, fabric and leather fashion.
Refer to leather fashion as handbags are made from cow, buffalo leather or other animal leather, why crocodile leather is ranked on top in other animals’ leathers?
About crocodile leather:
Crocodiles are reptiles that live in freshwater and saltwater divided into 2 species. Saltwater crocodiles have quite large size that usually live in Northern and Southern America with surrounded saltwater all year round. And freshwater crocodiles live everywhere on the world but they are raised the most in Thailand and Vietnam. Because tropical climate in freshwater sediment all year round, raising crocodiles in Vietnam is getting more and more famous on the world.
What products are made from crocodile leather?
Raising crocodiles are to sell meat for enterprises after remaning part of leather is the most important and value for crocodile raisers which produce many famous products on the worl such as LV brand hangbags of well-known fashion on the world which sometimes use crocodile leather, or Hermes crocodile leather hangbags with the leading brand on the world also use crocodile leather in order to produce handbags getting thousands of dollars value.. And many other products are made from crocodile skin. 
In Vietnam, how many men’s crocodile leather wallets are made from crocodile leather products?
Crocodile leather fashion in Vienam has not developed as other countries on the world because crocodile leather products for Vietnameses in the eyes of people are too old which is not suitable for the young people… With this thought, crocodile leather manufacturing companies in vietnam have rather less consumption but there are products that are preferred by Vietnameses from the young people to the elder people who everyone knows as: 
1: Men’s crocodile leather wallets are used the most widely today because quality is excellent with reasonable price and relatively cheap when buying from Cuong Lost.
2: Women crocodile leather wallets are small for the young girls, or red – brown and black – brown colors for styling lady. Women crocodile leather wallets today is being used the most in women leather wallets.
3: Crocodile leather both sides wallets are the most level leather artwork today for gentlemens and ladies. They are made into 2 kinds included that outside leather wallet is crocodile’s belly skin layer, sometimes gentlements prefer using outside is the kind of dorsal spine, tail spike… But inside is still belly leather without spines. Currenty crocodile leather both sides wallets is a hit on crocodile leather market although their price is twice as high as the same kind’s others.
4: Crocodile leather wallet whole is sole products of Cuong Lost crocodile. It is child crocodile skin raised until 3rd month which will be used to produce wallet. Every crocodile produces only one men’s crocodile leather wallet whole. When you use this wallet, you will see back, head, tail of crocodile which all are showed in front of you is a child crocodile skin. However, Cuong Lost produces this wallet not much because there are a few consumers as other crocodile leather wallets. But you are not worry to buy it because our criteria are this product getting discount by Cuong Lost, its price is not high. You will be satisfied when selecting this crocodile leather wallet is cheaper than other stores.  
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