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Friday, 12-23-2016 | 9:10PM GMT+7
Handbags are products which can’t be lacked in women’s modern life. Almost 99% of women use cow, crocodile, python leather, leatherette… when walking out the street or go to birthday party, event… Hundreds thousands of different samples, handbags are divided into many various kinds of leather, leatherette.

What ages use cow leather handbag?


*Normally cow leather wallets are used by the Vietnam youth very much with colors matched with young techniques and foreign design so the youth is very satisfied when using. Besides, cow leather handbag is strongly interested by over U30 women with suitable colors.


Red-brown cow leather handbags are used with 2.5 leather type which is the most standard today or others as soil brown color, black, cow skin yellow… Hundreds colors are interested by ladies. In 2016, Cuong Lost leather products company sold over 10,000pcs cow leather handbags for women with reasonable price and fashion. This is product sold the most in 2016 at Cuong Lost store.



Crocodile leather handbag, python leather handbag, women crocodile leather handbags, crocodile leather clutch, women crocodile leather wallet.


These are women handbags more high-grade than cow leather handbags because quality of python, ostrich leather has longevity longer than others. It is mainly reason that products of these leather types are rated noble line and ladies save it in list of products for big parties or luxurious events, especially women’s crocodile leather handbags are manufactured by Cuong Lost with foreign techique. These handbag samples are gotten idea from high-grade brands as LV, Hermes, D&G…that are the leading fashion brands on the world.




How are Cuong Lost’s women crocodile leather handbags manufactured? 


First of all, Cuong lost’s women crocodile leather handbags are taken from crocodile skin with technique is that operating on back not on belly. Normally its skin is taken by operating belly in order to get back skin with spines but when making crocodile handbag, it should keep crocodile’s belly because almost women love smooth leather handbags and simple…



Through crocodile handling process, dyeing suitable colors or colors selected by customers in category which Cuong Lost crocodile provides to customers to be easy to choose. After dyeing, crocodile skin is dried with suitable sunshine temperature. Next, it is selection operation and cut crocodile skin, assembling handbags first (it means that making a crocodile handbag should have pattern before peeling outside crocodile skin.) and many other operations with various tens of stages and people can make such beautiful crocodile handbags. And this technique is learned by Cuong Lost from European countries.


In early 2016, Cuong lost crocodile sent more experts in the field of making crocodile handbags to overseas market in order to learn designs as well as new technique which help to serve domestic customers when being back to Vietnam.  December 2016 is year of crocodile fashion when women come to Cuong Lost to buy handbag with favour discount. 



Reasonable price from some millions dong per handbag and receiving gift with high value when purchasing at Cuong lost crocodile system. Beside products for ladies, Cuong Lost crocodile also makes men’s crocodile leather wallets. From crocodile leather wallet with cheap price to high-grade crocodile leather wallet for gentlemen is also applied special discount in this month. In order to know more details, please contact with our sale staff for advice more.


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