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Friday, 12-23-2016 | 9:05PM GMT+7
From long ago, men’s crocodile leather wallet is the best - selling item in leather market such as catfish or dorsal spines crocodile skin, belly crocodile leather wallet… and many various crocodile leather wallets.Each place will sell them with different prices so why it has this difference?
High-grade men’s crocodile leather wallet is taken from 1st grade leather. Do you ever think that leather of all crocodiles is the same? You are wrong to think that it is alike because in market, all trade products will be divided into several categories.
Simple example: when you go to market to buy fish, you will see nice and fresh fish with 100,000vnd/kg but also this kind of fish; it is smaller, looks dead for long time, not fresh, not nice at first glance with 50,000vnd/kg; you are ready to buy it with low or high price depending on you.
As same as crocodile leather, the crocodile leather wallet is so cheap or high which also comes from selection of original leather source when produces crocodile leather wallets or any products relating to crocodile leather products. Thus, if you want to buy Cuong Lost high-grade crocodile leather wallet, you will buy products with quality leather which is fresh skin and 1st grade one imported. You use 10 years without any damages which fully make a difference in luxury crocodile leather wallet market.
Crocodile leather wallet with cheap price is real crocodile leather type as well but it is ranked in average grade leather. When you buy this kind, its price will cheaper than more luxury leather. Thus, you will find out crocodile leather types with some hundreds thousands on market and with this explanation, you understand clearly about crocodile leather wallet with cheap price. When you use crocodile leather wallet with cheap price, its longevity is about 2 years which is falled off or others, leather wallet will start to be decomposed and not stable as before in this time. 
The comparison of difference between Cuong Lost crocodile leather wallet and crocodile leather wallet with cheap price can view by normal eyes
Come to Cuong Lost Crocodile, you will realize our quality is so different with other crocodile leather wallet products. Besides, monthly we have promotion programme up to 30% price of high-grade crocodile leather wallet which will be down in price as same as other cheap type on market. Kindly free contact us if you want to select our crocodile leather wallet with cheap price.
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